Most Asked Questions on MT4

You must have received number of questions from your clients regarding the MT4 terminal. Here we are mentioning some of the frequently asked questions about this most demanded software.

  • How to see all the FX instruments on my MT4 ‘market watch’ window?

For this, right click on the market watch window and then select ‘Show all’. All the instruments will appear on your market watch window.


  • Why can’t I see the charts, when I log into the MT4 terminal?

Whenever you log into your account for the first time, you only need to drag your specific instrument from the market watch window and drop it in the chart section. Your charts will appear. Sometimes, “Waiting for update” message appears in the chart section. Regarding this, you just need to refresh the charts and they will start working.


  • Does MT4 terminal provide the option of saving charts template?

Yes it indeed provides this feature. For instance you have created a chart for EUR/USD with your required settings; a right click on that chart will provide you an option of ‘Template’. Select the ‘Template’ option and log out. When you log back , go into the template section and click on your saved template.


  • How to apply EAs to a chart of an instrument?

In the Navigator window, click on Expert Advisors option. Clicking on that option will give you the list of EAs. Drag any required EA and drop it on the chart window.

Note: For using any EA, make sure you are logged into the terminal. To apply Expert Advisors make sure that ‘Enable Expert Advisors’ button is selected.


  • How to rescan the MT4 servers?

If you wish to rescan, this will help in reconnecting you with your MT4 servers. To rescan, simply click on ‘rescan for servers’ on the green-red bars on the bottom right corner of MT4 terminal and get connected again.


  • Does MT4 platform offer the option of Different Languages?

Yes it offers this option. You can choose your suitable language. For this Go to View, then click on Languages. From that exhaustive list, choose your preferred language.

To start trading in your language, you first need to log out and then login.


  • What are the lot sizes available in MT4?

MetaTrader4 allows trading in following 3 lots-

  • Micro lot (0.01)
  • Mini lot (0.1)
  • Standard lot (1.0)


  • When is the MT4 system not available for performing any function?

On daily basis, maintenance is done on MT4 servers from 5:30 to 5:45pm ET. While on weekly basis, the MT4 system is taken to be offline for 20 minutes on Saturdays at 12 o’clock in the morning according to New York timing.

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