How Unique is Turnkeyfx’ MT4 Bridge?

Go through the variety of features which makes Turnkeyfx a modern and pioneering technology provider in this Forex market.




Multiple Fills:

Turnkeyfx’ MT4 bridge, is able to get numerous executions for single order at various different prices. Large orders transported with the help of the bridge are managed at different prices and by different providers; while for the simplicity these orders are shown in the client’s terminal as a weighted average price at single volume.


Closing the orders partially:

Our Mt4 Bridge is specialized enough to close the trades either fully or partially. This ability is advantageous to those who runs EAs and to those traders whose strategy of money management is based upon these criteria.


Processing is done simultaneously:

The processing of multiple trades can be done simultaneously, in one instance. Our MT4 Bridge has the capability to handle the outbursts of orders which occur on the announcement of any major economic event or have originated from the signals of the EAs.


Multitudinous Feeds:

We offer you with multiple feeds for your customer accounts, allowing the users of our MT4 Bridge to get higher flexibility with pricing levels. These feeds allow the users to customize it for one instrument or for multiple of the forex instruments.


Availability of additional order types:

Our Liquidity Bridge provides the support of both ‘Close by’ and ‘Multiple Close By’ order types. When the trader is closing its hedged positions on the usage of ‘Close By’ order type, the trader will be benefited as he would not have to pay for the extra spread to terminate his position.




Maintaining trade records

With the help of MT4 Bridge, you will be readily provided with all the records of your customers’ trade data, for it is accessible through Turnkeyfx’ web-based application of the Back-office. This will help our partners to not to focus on any third party which would provide you with an access of the trading data. We are here to make your business easy and help you to be focussed.


Integration of data

Turnkeyfx helps you to integrate your MT4 platform with your preferred back-office system. We give you the opportunity to access multiple platforms from the single back-office system; thus reducing your efforts. Any changes done on the proprietary back office of the broker will be reflected in the MT4 platform automatically.





Our technology bridges come with greater adjustability, whereby you can adjust your pricing structure by making changes in the maximum and minimum spread offered. This would make it easy for you predict your revenue on a monthly basis.


Customizable Slippage

If the brokers want to retain their customers and be more competitive in their services, we provide you the opportunity to act as your customers’ favourite brokerage, by offering ‘positive slippage’ to your customers.

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