How to Select Your MT4 Liquidity Bridge?

MetaTrader4 is the most demanded forex trading terminal, consisting of all the relevant features of trading. The application of MetaTrader4 servers will help you provide your clients with a clinet terminal and thus, enjoy your existing and new clients. You must have seen that number of brokers use an STP model, where by the trades of the clients are passed onto the LPs, reducing brokers’ risk. To bring this connectivity, an MT4 liquidity bridge needs to be bought by the brokers so as that it acts as a bridge between the brokers’ MT4 servers and Liquidity Providers.


Following considerations must be taken into account before selecting an MT4 liquidity Bridge:


Since when is the firm is in this business of providing Technology and Liquidity Bridge?

The time period defines the experience one had of a particular business. If the bridge vendor is in the business for more than half a decade like Turnkeyfx, then it would be better to show your trust upon the oldie, which has developed with time overcoming various hurdles and improving upon its software technology.


Do you know about the Liquidity Providers with which the vendor has developed the bridges?

It is obvious that the bridge vendor must have built a bridge between his MT4 servers and multiple banks. It will be excellent enough if the vendor has the access to same LPs or banks with which you work with. Otherwise, the bridge vendor shall be proficient enough in bridging the MT4 to your preferred banks. This feature should be given importance while selecting a bridge provider as it will help you get ensure of its capabilities and experiences.


Is the Support system of the Bridge Vendor efficient enough?

As is known that foreign exchange market never sleeps, the support staff of your bridge provider shall be available around the clock to be there to solve your queries. Their support system must have a good knowledge about the forex markets, efficient enough in suggesting to their clients that how easily you can set up your FX business. Personal touch of the bridge provider shall be examined properly.


Is the vendor helping you to differentiate you from your Peers?

In this FX world, lots of firms are acting like MT4 Liquidity Bridge Provider, thus passing trades from the MT4 servers to the LPs. But you must see that what additional features the vendor is providing. If the vendor is providing for example providing multiple feeds, flexibility in pricing, positive slippage, MT4 plug-in for admin addressable to the management of multiple accounts etc. then, these can be used by you to attract the clients and help in adding value.


Who are the potential customers of the vendor?

Has the company served any large customers? If yes, the establishment process must have been complex and the vendors will want that they place adequate systems which can easily handle the complications. Once the system is deployed, the good performance by the software to manage huge flows of orders will act as a proof for the goodness of the company.

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