How is having an FX business advantageous than opting for a White Label?

Turnkeyfx has been serving its clients since half a decade and has proved to have provided more than just the solutions for white label. Here we are working hard each day to provide you services to help you get started with your own brokerage, for having an FX brokerage provides an upper hand  in comparison to the White label.

Following are the advantages of the FX Brokerage:

Full Control over the Business:

Although white label solutions provide you customization options, the control is not fully in the White label’s hands. The Brokerage firm, with which they have partnered with, may change the policies anytime, over which the white label will have a little control. The provider can bring about various changes in the form of changing spreads, commission, leverage options of the clients etc. While, in your own brokerage business, its easy to take control of all the features and you are in a better position to place yourself among your competitors.

You are the owner of your company/firm:

Having an FX brokerage implies that you have full control over its activities and the capital. Where white label is an extension of an FX business, the latter is an independent and separate entity which allows the owner to take any decision regarding its business.

No clash of interest

It is known that often the white label providers become tough competition for the recipients of the white labels as both of them are dealing in the same industry with a large base of customers, competing in the areas like products, technology, pricing policy etc. This is generally not faced by the independent brokers for they are not dependent on any broker.

No limit on the number of Sub-White Labels:

More already proved above, it’s beneficial to offer White labels than to receive it from an established FX broker. An independent FX broker can offer limitless white label and sub-white programs to its partners, as deems fit to it.

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