Automated Trading: A new age of trading

With the advancements and growing technology, the automated trading has become a part of most of the individual traders. Earleir, the traders have to stick their eyes onto the screens and depended upon many managers; but the algorithmic trading systems have proved to be a boon to the trading world. This automated trading is also termed as Algo-trading (Algorithmic trading),

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Mobile Trading Is What Traders Demand Now

Customers in this modern era of trading, not only looks for ECN spreads, commission charged, platforms offered etc. but also expects the brokerage firms to provide web-based trading. The culture of trading ‘anywhere and anytime’ is increasing among the traders.   Introducing the web-based trading would help in establishing strong relations with your clients and is one of the methods

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Most Asked Questions on MT4

You must have received number of questions from your clients regarding the MT4 terminal. Here we are mentioning some of the frequently asked questions about this most demanded software. How to see all the FX instruments on my MT4 ‘market watch’ window? For this, right click on the market watch window and then select ‘Show all’. All the instruments will

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Some Easy and Suitable Ways to Market Your FX Brokerage

Only launching your FX business would not fetch you enough customers. Customer being a king for every firm, effort shall be made by the owners and its employees to satisfy all its customer needs and to bring flock of new customers and add value. And one of such effort is ‘Marketing’. For a Forex brokerage, appropriate marketing activities must be

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Points To Keep In Mind to Become a Successful Brokerage

It is obvious that to grow your business, you need a good client base. However, large pool of customers will not be enough to ask for. The loyalty should be built on both sides so that you can stand out as one of the flourishing brokers in the industry. Following things shall be taken into account to get down on

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3 Simple Steps to Start Your Own Brokerage

Starting a Forex Brokerage is similar to starting any business. From conceptualizing this idea to really putting in place your business, 3 basic steps are required. They are as follows: The Concept- More than anything, the idea, plan and concept makes you different from your competitors. The forex business in the retail segment is growing at a faster pace, but

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Let’s have a look at MT4 features

Meta Trader4 is the most demanded and widely used trading platform by the investors in the forex market. Traders are fascinated by lots of its functionalities which range from its user friendly terminal to EAs and algorithmic trading. MT4 is wrapped up with number amazing features, and here’s a quick look at those: One Click Trade: The traders look forward

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White Label solution: Its benefits

The Forex market is enormous enough, giving an opportunity to the new players to enter the foreign exchange market and make a unique position.  The already existing practitioners in this market of Forex are trying to guide and shape up the business of the new entrants. When an individual or group of individuals wishing to get into the forex business

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How to Choose your Liquidity Provider?

If you are building a new FX business or carrying on with your existing brokerage firm, then finding a reliable LP would be or must have been a daunting task. And if you are planning to start your own brokerage, you must be looking for a reliable broker or institutional liquidity provider to facilitate trading in the security. Here are

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Tight Forex Spreads: Do they really exist?

A new marketing strategy has lately been followed by many of the Institutional Liquidity Providers (LPs) and FX Brokers, which is not only deceiving the investors but also many brokers who are dependent upon the above mentioned brokers for their Liquidity. And the strategy followed by them can be termed as “Window Dressing” of Spreads. An LP provider or a

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