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How is having an FX business advantageous than opting for a White Label?

Turnkeyfx has been serving its clients since half a decade and has proved to have provided more than just the solutions for white label. Here we are working hard each day to provide you services to help you get started with your own brokerage, for having an FX brokerage provides an upper hand  in comparison to the White label. Following

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How to Select Your MT4 Liquidity Bridge?

MetaTrader4 is the most demanded forex trading terminal, consisting of all the relevant features of trading. The application of MetaTrader4 servers will help you provide your clients with a clinet terminal and thus, enjoy your existing and new clients. You must have seen that number of brokers use an STP model, where by the trades of the clients are passed

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How Unique is Turnkeyfx’ MT4 Bridge?

Go through the variety of features which makes Turnkeyfx a modern and pioneering technology provider in this Forex market.   IMPLEMENTATION AND EXECUTION   Multiple Fills: Turnkeyfx’ MT4 bridge, is able to get numerous executions for single order at various different prices. Large orders transported with the help of the bridge are managed at different prices and by different providers;

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OFF Hours MT4 and ActForex Plug-In

To make your path of trading more easy and simple, Turnkeyfx comes with an Off-hours MT4 and ActForex Plug-In, which makes it possible for you to place the pending orders during weekends.   Without this plug-in, the trader will have to wait for the markets to open on Monday. So, when the markets are closed over the weekends, the traders

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Lets know about the Types of Forex Brokers

    DEALING DESK BROKERS These brokers are also termed as the ‘Market Makers’ as they earn income through widening the spreads. Dealing Desk broker is the one that provide the inter-bank liquidity to its clients. Thus, its clients are unable to have a watch over the ECN spreads available in the market. DD Brokers control the prices at which

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Keep In Mind the 4 Basic Points and Be Ready To Flourish

If you are into an FX business or want to take entry into it, then keep the following basic points in mind. Try to Fix Your Basics right! It means serve your customers and the clients to the fullest. All of their queries and issues shall be adhered to and resolved in time. Excellent client support will be applauded by

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Various Kinds of Jurisdictions for regulating a Forex Brokerage

The business in FX market is growing with a pace as number of FX players is entering this business actively. But beyond establishing and marketing your business, suitable jurisdiction should be chosen, which will be dependent upon number of parameters like regulatory procedures, international, community and domestic provisions.  Before getting a license from a specific jurisdiction, following things should be

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How to become a forex broker?

The number of forex brokers in the institutional and retail section, is increasing with a rapid pace; where in each of them is trying their best to prove themselves as the best in the market. When it comes to choosing one of these FX brokers, it becomes difficult to speak about a broker who is a perfectionist in his offerings

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Planning To Run an FX Fund: Here Are Its Advantages & Disadvantages

If you are a forex broker, then you would have been caught in answering the queries of the customers, looking for more innovative ways of marketing, negotiating with your LPs and partners etc. You must be working hard to stand out in the crowd each day. But these days, many forex brokers are planning to go to a new avenue-

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Levels in the Brokerage Industry

Let’s take a look at the major hierarchy being followed in the ‘Prime Brokerage Margin Based Model’, where the first position is taken by PRIME of PRIME.   To explain this system, it should be known that the proper regulation of forex market is done by splitting it into Market Makers (LPs) and the Market Takers (Brokerages).   Market Makers

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