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Trade Station is the specialized desktop application which allows you to examine the market and participate in online trading. Each and every window screen shows reliable information and gives an access to specific functions of the software. Trade station includes trading in all the major instruments like Forex, Futures, CFDs and ETFs and in built indicators. In addition to this, you can even build your own strategies.

Suitable controls via FXVoyager Toolbar
Build, check and run automated strategies via ActFX
Trade in Currency, Currency Forward contracts and Options, CFDs, Equities, Futures and ETFs.
Multiple workspaces to organize your windows and adjusting the size of your spaces; switching between the workspaces using workspace tabs and buttons
Drag and drop facility from one workspace to another workspace; grouping similar windows together and saving spaces
Selecting from several desktop profiles, or creating and saving your own.
Checking all the important information about selected amount on account information toolbar
Select one or more than one accounts to see the financial data and trade
You can view the rates on the dealing rates window
To set stop loss and limit order, open the trade tab of FXVoyager Toolbar and click stop/limit or from open positions window
Clicking on close position button below trade tab to directly close the positions/right click and close
Creating objects on charts, then copying and pasting it on multiple charts according your requirements

MT4 desktop is one of the most popular applications for trading Forex, analysing financial markets and using Expert Advisors. Trading signals and the MQL5 market are the most integral parts of MetaTrader 4 that leads to an amazing forex trading experience. Millions of traders across the world prefer the MT4 to trade in the market. This platform offers a lot of opportunities to traders of all skill levels: advanced technical analysis, adjustable trading system, Algo trading and Expert Advisors.

Set stop loss and take profit orders while opening a new position
Trade with more precise lot size for risk management
Feed when and how much position you want to close
Anonyms trading for the clients as the providers will not be able to see SL, Limit and Pending orders
No trading restrictions
Easy integration of expert advisor strategies
Helps in creating EAs according to the trading rules
Design can be customized according to your style and preferences
Implement scripts that help you manage your trading
Convenient and easy way to keep up with your account details
Complete set of trade orders, trade history and interactive charts
30 in built indicators, compatible for all types of orders

MT4 Mobile application allows you to trade in Forex with your Android smartphone or tablet. One of the most popular software MT4 is now available on your phone absolutely free of costs. Trade in currencies using MT4 platform to get full control over your account from anywhere at any time. MT4 is fully functional forex trading platform with most critical technical analysis tools with easy integration to understand the features in everyday activities.

Full technical analysis package
Integrated with vareity of tools for customizing trading indicators
Processing and trading with real time data
Allows you to set automated trading alarms and signal messages
Enables the community sourced indicators and expert advisors
Gives a feature of trading in 32 different languages
Feature to creature various different customized indicators for different time periods (varying from minutes to months)
Secure trade session with unique username credentials given
Provides updates on financial news
Automatic position alerts via emails
Timely system signals and trading actions
Contains all the necessary tools for traders of all skill set

Trade pad is the world’s easiest way to organize and add to the digital media collection as it allows you trade in all the trading instruments you trade on desktop platform like CFDs, Forex pairs, ETFs and Future contracts. Trade pad is a trading application for your iPad. It requires iOS 6.0 or later and is fully compatible with iPad. Get the real time data, analyze the market and trade on your fingertips.

Some of the Key Features of our Trade Pad applications are as under:

Traders can access the app and easily monitor the trading activity on their accounts
Easy access to trading accounts positions, orders placed, and open and closed positions
Sync your account with trading activity in real time
Syncing your account with trading activity in real time
Profit and loss will be displayed on the history page
You can change the displayed dealing rates just by tapping on the rates settings
You can directly Buy and Sell from the displayed button
Tap on Stop or Limit to place a conditional order on the selected positions.
Allows you to monitor the positions and to switch the accounts by Account Info Bar
Analyze the market with real time dynamic charts
Tap on the indicators to confirm your positions from 18 popular indicators in-built
Switch from Candle, line to bar chart styles and trade from one window
Subscribe and unsubscribe is quick and easy, syncing all the applications

Trade Phone is a fully fledged integrated trading solution for iphone users. Trade Phone allows you to trade in all the instruments you can trade on Trade Station a desktop application like Forex, CFDs, Futures and ETFs. Trade Phone is a trade application for your iPhone.

Some of the Key Features of our Trade Phone applications are as under:

Live streaming dealing rates and news available 24*7
Live trading from your Trade station Phone account
Real time interactive charts with market dynamics and technical indicators
Making informed decisions viewing real time charts
Easy order and position management for all pending, OCO orders
Access to the details of your account in real time
If you have multiple accounts, you can access to the data of each account
Easy and efficient setting of Stop or Limit or Closing of position
Know the past performance of your positions in an easy format.
Know your closed position in detail
Creating and saving chart templates
Customizable subscription to instruments

Trade Droid is an entire mobile trading solution for Android users, which is also a part made by the trade station team. TradeDroid is fully featured application which allows the investors to log in their existing trading account and trade the same instruments as they have in Trade Station including Forex, Futures, CFDs and ETFs. Because of superb technology found in Android platforms, Trade Droid have merged to offer more advance features, and is particularly made to take advantage of the innovative capabilities of Android advancement.

Streaming live dealing rates to stay on top with up-to date prices quotes
Change the Forex pairs appearing on the screen according to your needs
Analyse the market with Real time interactive charts
View detailed info for pending orders which includes OCO orders
Monitoring and examining the trades to know your balance
Work with all your account in real time data
Trading with the synced up to date data on trade droid
Follow your open position with detailed info available
Easy and efficient management of your trades with Stop loss and targets
Revalue your positions in an easy to evaluate format
Trade droid supports the upto minute news, which keeps you updates
Customize the instruments in quick and easy way

ZuluTrade is a web based integrated platform which allows you to subscribe to signals or indicators from other traders who have done most of the work for you. When an experienced trader or a signal provider places a trade on their account, all his followers that have selected the provider have that trade triggered to execute unless they do not have enough margin. The server based ZuluTrade program engine then automatically places these trades, with no human guidance or help.

Ideal solution for traders who cannot commit the time to building their own strategies
Easily achievable for traders who simply want to remove stress from trading
Signal providers have a consistently good performance so they can maintain and attract more subscribers
Comparitively simpler to sort signals based on their total profits
ZuluTrade has introduced specialized sorting features to help you make the best choices that accommodate your trading needs and fit within your personal level of risk tolerance
Offers hundreds of signal providers for you to choose from
Exclusive platform capabilities exclusive to this software
Advanced and sophisticated charting capabilities
Unique Automated trading features built in the software
It even allows you to create your own EAs strategies
Allowing the trader to connect his own programming directly with his trade account
Diversify signals across different currency pairs to lower the risk from various news events

Start receiving trading signals from top traders on the go. It also allows you to access the social trading network from your desktop so you can manage your signal providers just few taps away. The mobile app is designed with simplicity in mind to help our clients experience a new way of trading with ease. It is compatible with iPhone as well as android.

Copying their trading strategies and becoming their follower
Follow 100,000 trading experts from 192 countries
Tracking the performances of the experts
Keeping a check and customizing positions by the followers
Monitor and execute the benefits
Supports 28 different languages
Access to International market Instruments
Instant news Updates
Trade from anywhere and anytime

Social trading is a new way to trade in the forex market backed by ZulTrade. It adds ease to the traders by joining a trading company and growing your returns by copying the trades of the experienced traders. Take the indicated signal given by a signal provider, use your analyses or just rely on their experience and the past performances to make better and quick returns without making any big efforts.

Know their trade history and receive alerts and signals when they’re active in the market
Quickly and easily browse the top experienced traders, their profiles and use filters to find the most successful ones
Copy all trades of a particular trader using AutoCopy option
Use in-built charts and analysis tools to monitor your trade positions
Empower the trading field by emphasizing on the different strategies and make your own.
Become an earning follower with easy application and huge returns

Flexible Liquidity Options

Connect Your Own Liquidity Provider, or Access Our Inhouse FCA Regulated Liquidity Aggregation


If you have an account with any major liquidity provider, chances are that we are already connected to them. With TFX you are free to select your own Liquidity Providers with no limitations what-so-ever

TFX Liquidity

Dont have access an FCA regulated LP ? Dont Worry, TFX has a solution for you. We aggregate Tier-1 Liquidity providers into a single pool so you get access to the best liquidity solutions in the World.

Hybrid Liquidity

Create executions rules between different liquidity providers and your B book. Split you order based on time of the day, instrument or client. You literally can have any kind of logic for managing your flow.

Control Your Risk

Back-office Tools That Matter !

Having served Forex Broker for over half a decade and we know how critical back-office tools can be for the operations of a Forex Broker.

From automatic account opening to payment integration and from Risk profiling to daily reconciliation reports, we have it all covered.

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Back End Tools

Full Access to Back Office

Back Office is designed to create Accounts, Managed accounts, dealers and affiliates in easy and straight forward steps.

Over 25 Business Reports

Array of reports to address your business needs as well as client requirements.

Easily create MAM/ PAMM Account

Share your performances and if you qualify to become a fund manager. We will give you an opportunity to publish the results.

Monitoring & Risk Management

Our back end risk management support system allows keeps a check on trades made by the clients.

Automatic Reports Generation

Back end create and generates report of commission and charges automatically.

Custom settings on Group and Individual account level

Full control to set the commissions and spreads on user-end level

Multi Hierarchical Functionalities

Create different levels of access for associates, from view access to full power mode for each functionality.

No Restrictions on Number of Groups

Create as many as groups with different commissions and spread structure.

Anonymity of White Label's Clients

We make sure that your details remain confidential within our organisation.

Tools for Modern web

Integration with payment options

The online payment options on the website will be directly integrated with your platform. Once you make an online deposit or a withdrawal from the website, that will reflect in your trading platform simultaneously.

Live Demo Accounts

Register yourself on the website for live demo accounts and you will get an auto-generated email from us, with the login id and the password.

Auto-generated E-mails

In case there is any discrepancy once you are in live trading with us, like shortfall of margins, inactive trading account, document missing or incapable losses; there will an auto generated email explaining and requesting you to complete it.

Web Based RMS

Once you are in partnership with us, we will provide you with web based back end risk management system to manage and minimize the risks. This RMS can be accessed from your web or mobile at any time according to your convenience.

Let's Build Your FX Brokerage together ! Join our long, happy-client list now.

Step 1: Platforms and BackOffice

We will create your white label trading platforms with your logo’s strategically placed on all the platform. In addition we will build your backoffice, risk management tools, integrate your payment gateways and integrate all the modules for a seamless operation. For some partners, we will also build your websites along with SEO/SMO and CRM integrations.

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Step 2: Liquidity & Risk Management

Once the platforms is created and integrated with your dedicated back-office set-up, TFX will help you with integrating your set-up with your preferred liquidity provider or with the aggregation engine of TFX. These liquidity bridges are then integrated into your risk management modules so you can dynamically manage your client exposure between your B-Book and STP.

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Step 3: Training, launch & Marketing

TFX team will now spend next week training your employees for the respective modules of operations. For clients who depend on TFX for SEO/SMO and CRM, we will be spending this time with the stake holders of the forex brokerage to understand and strategise your brand marketing on social networking websites, PPC campaigns and other online promotions.

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